Sandy Blain

Handbuilding:  Explore Form and Surface to Find Your Own Voice

Location:  Mesa, AZ 

     Learn basic construction techniques - pinch, coil, slab, press-mod, with slip, oxides, glazes for c/10 stoneware.  Visuals, demonstrations, critiques will help students with idea development and improving techniques.  Students are encouraged to enroll in both sessions.  Open studio times can be morning or afternoon.                         Contact number:  480-644-6500  

          Location:  Mesa Arts Center

      Beginning to Advanced   -  Demo, 9am             

        Aug 27 - Oct 15, 2018              7 weeks                         9am - 12pm                 

     Intermediate to Advanced     *Previous experience required.                       

        Aug 27 - Oct 15, 2018            7 weeks                         1pm - 4pm                         

     Intermediate to Advanced      *No beginning level students" - Demo, 9am

        Oct 22 - Dec 10, 2018            7 weeks                         9am - 12pm

     Intermediate to Advanced      *Previous experience required.

        Oct 22 - Dec 10, 2018               7 weeks                         1pm - 4pm


Upcoming Workshops:

"Handbuilding:  Form and Surface"

~ A one week class for students of all ability levels

July 29 - Aug 4, 2018

Location:  Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts


Gatlinburg, TN

"AZ Clay Workshop"

Feb, 2019

Location:  Marjon Ceramics


Phoenix, AZ

To register online: