Handbuilding:  Explore Form and Surface to Find Your Own Voice

Location:  Mesa Art Center

Mesa, AZ 

     Learn basic construction techniques - pinch, coil, slab, press-mod, with slip, oxides, glazes for c/10 stoneware.  Visuals, demonstrations, critiques will help students with idea development and improving techniques.                          

Contact number:  480-644-6500  

Monday classes - Session Dates to be announced



Upcoming Workshops:

"Handbuilding:  Form and Surface" Workshop

2021 - To be announced

Location:  Marjon Ceramics 


Phoenix, AZ

To register online:  www.MesaArtsCenter.com

Sandy Blain

Sandy's Workshops are through art centers and schools only

- Please contact her for locations/ dates.

Handbuilding Workshops